2nd Semester Final Schedule

Wednesday, June 4
1st Period: 8:00 – 9:30
2nd Period: 9:40 – 11:10
Lunch: 11:10 – 11:55 (Breakfast
and lunch will be served.)
3rd Period: 12:00 – 1:30
4th Period: 1:40 – 3:10

Thursday, June 5
6th Period: 8:00 – 9:25
7th Period: 9:35 – 11:00
8th Period: 11:10 – 12:35
(Breakfast will be served
Lunch will not be served)


It’s a Good Year to Be A Bruin!

Congratulations to the Bruin Boys Golf, Girls Softball and Boys Baseball teams!! All 3 won state championships last week!!


TFHS State Tennis Video

Click on the link below to view the video we made of the players at the State Tennis Tournament 2014.


State Tennis Tournament Photos


TFHS Tennis District Tournament

Congratulations TFHS Tennis for taking 10 players to State this year!

TFHS Girls win First Place overall at our District Tournament in Sun Valley this week!

TFHS Boys win Second Place overall at our District Tournament in Sun Valley this week!

District (1)


District (2)

Andy Carter and Matthew Sato are the District Champions for Boys Doubles!

Hailey Orton is the District Champion for Girls Singles!